Third year lucky?

I’m a final year student.

That in itself is terrifying to write. I’m one year away from embarking on what is supposed to be the beginning of the rest of my life. Exciting eh?

Actually, no.

The mere idea that within the next year I’m supposed to be landed on my feet, out in the big bad world, fills me with terror.

I’m an ambitious, strong-minded 20-year-old, don’t get me wrong, but is that really what differs me from the crowd?

What separates me from the muddled crowd, is my writing. Or more so, in real terms – I hope my writing is good enough to separate me.

And so writing should be nothing less than natural for me. Which it is. But it is finding the time which is so unnatural.

Fitting in an entire series of Grey’s Anatomy could be easily slotted in on a weekly basis, however finding the time to invest in my future and work on my blog, not to easy.

Do I really need another kick up the bum into working on my blog? No.

*Pulls self together*

Final and last call for Rosa Grantham (to do what in actual fact she loves) to write!

I’m sure I can handle this.


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